Unlock the Value of AI/ML Quickly and at Scale with AWS and Teradata

Imagine that your product team is coming up with new features, your operations team is investigating supply chain issues, and your marketing team is developing 360-degree profiles of customers. Wondering what these three scenarios all have in common?

For a modern business operating in today’s dynamic environment, all three are powered by predictive analytics.

Working behind the scenes, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) enable high-value predictions that lay the groundwork for better decision-making. AI/ML hold the power to sharpen your company’s competitive edge, drive operational efficiencies, and maximize growth.

With AI/ML, your team of data scientists can streamline the way they make sense of ever-growing datasets. It allows them to automate tedious tasks like filtering and parsing huge volumes of data so they can draw out meaningful information.

Read on to learn more about the common pitfalls around AI/ML workflows, how Teradata and Amazon Web Services (AWS) can break down barriers to predictive analytics, and how data scientists can benefit from an integrated AI/ML toolset.

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